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Architectural BIM Services

Introduction to BIM Services

It is a process that includes intelligent 3D modelling and facilitating in the management of documents. BIM is also enhancing the coordination and simulation during the complete lifetime of the project BIM Modeling Servicesincludes mainly the planning of the project after those designs will be finalized. After the approval of designs the construction of the project will be started, after the completion of construction the BIM will assist in the operational activities of the respective project. The most significant advantage of BIM Modeling Servicesis the maintenance facilities after the completion of the project.

In the current era of technological advancement, the architectures and engineers around the globe are using the facilities of BIM Services. As the perpetual improvement and competition can be seen in the development projects in the world that is why for the successful execution of the mega projects one should appoint BIM Services providers as, they add efficiency in the work. BIM is facilitating the projects with 3D modelling which is massively helping the engineers, constructors and architects for the efficient execution of the projects. The model and design of the project will change with the changes in the data. The owner will get the real view of the building which will enable him to see how the building will look alike after the finalization of construction.


Modelling is the core step in BIM Modeling Servicesas this will lay down the foundations for the successful execution of the project. Only the seasoned and experienced professionals (which will consist of qualified engineers, architects) can develop the best models for the projects. They will be able to convert the 2-dimensional designs into 3-dimensional models. Time is a very important factor that needs to be considered in the process of modelling. If the modelling will be completed in time, then it will save both the precious time and hard-earned money of the owner as he will able to see the 3-dimensional views of the project. This thing will help him in taking timely decisions. You can get the Business Information Modelling Servicesin the following areas.

  • Business Information Modelling (Architecture Services)

    In Architectural BIM Services, you will get knowledgeable information about all the possible scenarios. The clients can get the conversion of two-dimensional designs into three BIM architectural models. The team of professional experts will also generate quantities from 3D BIM model regarding architecture. The subcontractors of the project will get the architectural coordination model. You will also get the services of marketing presentations for the purpose of bidding. The team of professionals will finalize the models for you that you will present for marketing.
  • Business Information Modelling (Structural Services)

    The clients will get the computer-aided design drafting and the state of the art 3-dimensional modelling. The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will execute this by considering the international rules and regulations. You will get an accurate 3-dimensional model of the complete project including the structural analysis of your project. The most significant advantage is the cost estimation of the project that you will get. The all provided information will be accurate enough which will help you in decision making.


The 3-dimensional visualization of the project is the biggest advantage that you will get through the Business Information Modelling. This thing will help you a lot in taking decisions as you are able to see all the possible implications at the current stage of the project and you can also asses the problems in the structure that the project will face at any time in the future. You will be getting the most accurate level of information. This clear and easy visualization of the projects will help the engineers of the project on taking intelligent decisions regarding the design. The additional benefit of the 3D view is the better cost analysis. The clear and accurate visualization will help you a lot in finding the estimated costs. You can also get the services regarding the clash detection in the project. The team of seasoned and experienced engineers will check out whether there is any risk of human error in the design of the project. They will also help you in reducing the variations during the execution of the project. The BIM managers are skilled enough in finding solutions for clash detection.

The important factor that needs to be considered in the coordination process by the BIM Service Providers is the expertise of the team of service providers in model development secondly in the creation of content and finally in the management of the model. This level of service will help you a lot in minimizing the cost of the project, reduce the time for completion of the project and strengthened coordination efforts. For the successful implementation, the BIM coordinators will help you in making the best teams, proper implementation of the workflows and defining all the dynamics. This will help you in proper implementation of the BIM mechanism in the whole project.


This is one of the most significant factors which will give you proper and effective results, the proper and timely integration and collaboration are those factors that will make give you the best construction results. These two factors will merge with each other and their proper fusion will give the best outcomes for the project. There are a lot of things that need to be integrated into the mega project like the services of plumbing, installation of electrical wiring, mechanical related tasks of the project, all the matters related to the electrical department and the process of designing.  All these departments need proper integration and it is the responsibility of service provider for the integration of the above-mentioned services by following the business information modelling mechanism. A high level of accuracy, professionalism and management is required in the integration of these services. You will get services like 3-dimensional integration which will enable you in taking the most intelligent and efficient decisions. For the more accurate and refined visualization of the project, you can have the 4D integration. These 4-dimensional business information modelling will help give you more graphically precise visualization. The facility of 4 dimensional BIM is a very helpful tool for the stakeholders of the project.

You can also have the facility of 5-dimensional integrated services. This service will enable you to find the most accurate figures related to the cost, you can make your best estimations. The other benefits that you can extract from 5D are the accurate derivation of labour costs and these things will give you a detailed cost schedule which will be immensely helpful for all the stakeholders. The service of 6-dimensional BIM modelling is also available which will update the stakeholders in different construction phases.


Proper documentation is the core service that is required in a professional way by the BIM service provider. There will be a lot of construction drawings and documentation that will be generated. These drawings are significantly important as they will assist the engineers in the proper execution of the project. All the estimates related to the workforce, related to designs and cost estimations will be done through these documents. The team of professionals will be following the proper procedural codes and standardization for the accurate and efficient delivery of construction documents. You will get the facility of converting computer-aided designs to BIM designs. The hand-drawn sketches will be converted into BIM models which will help all the stakeholders in making the most accurate interpretation of the designs. You will also get the facility of massing study. The proper and timely analysis of the project by using the BIM model will help you in getting the latest information. If there will be any change in the designs of the project, then it will be instantly evaluated. You will be provided with the most accurate and complete data which will give a detailed view of each step of the construction. The process of proper documentation by the team of highly professional and experienced will help you in entirety for the comprehensive estimation relate to the project which will ultimately help in the construction of the project. You will get the most accurate construction documents by keeping in view the procedural codes and regulation of international standards. All the decisions and the estimations that will be taken by the project heads will be highly dependable on the availability of the most accurate set of construction documents. The information in the documents should be complete so that it will help in making sense.


The process of implementation is the final process in business information modelling, but it should not be considered as less important. All the success of the project is entirely depending upon the accurate and professional implementation. You will get the most technologically advanced services in implementation which caters to all the needs of the future. For this, the foremost step is the proper and up to date selection of the software for the smooth running of affairs. The proper selection of the software is extremely important. You will get the services regarding continuous improvement of BIM practices according to the time. You will get the proper training sessions for your team which helps them in understanding the modern techniques. Training is also the most significant thing in the implementation of projects through BIM. You will get the support service for the project which means a lot. This service of support will be beyond the implementation and training sessions. This will improve organizational productivity and performance. You will be provided with streamlined services which will include the practical overview of the project. BIM Service is meant to facilitate you as much as possible so you will get the maximum benefits. This implementation process will definitely help you in the future and it will assist you in extracting maximum benefits. The full-time support service is also very much important as your team will be able to have the solution of their problems all the time which will be helpful in the smooth flow of affairs after the completion of the project.

Why should you opt for UniquesData?

Uniquesdata is an excellent platform for your outsourcing needs no matter how complex the tasks may be. Our team of experts is always at the service of clients to deal with their office operations, and tasks and specific deliveries which need to be done perfectly well. Here at Uniquesdata, we give our best to reduce your worries about any possible errors in the design and tasks workflow. Our brand provides a range of outsourcing services which include modelling, coordination, implementation, etc. Through proper planning and implementation, the projects always reach a new height of success and result in productive gain as well.

Our range of services includes:

  • Reducing expenses and saving costs
  • Productive gains through different challenges
  • Reduced site data to avoid disruption in the site
  • Using virtual reality models for the convenience of our clients
  • Sustainable measures that are important to build a client’s business and building e.g. natural lighting etc.
  • Managing an organized and synchronized team through regular check on progress
  • Usage of latest technologies to complete the projects effectively on time

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best services and to reduce your daily workload. We focus on helping our clients by taking up their complex tasks including complex operations, any specific projects, and discuss with them the output they require. When it comes to outsourcing work, it is important to make sure that the client is not burdening themselves with unnecessary projects such as infrastructure investment plans, any extra manpower required etc. All these jobs can take up too much of a client’s time distracting them from their required goal.

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