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Transcription Services

The challenges faced by businesses today - paperwork

Notwithstanding the huge advancements in technology immense of paperwork still remains. For the purpose of maintaining vital information, many business houses need to keep hardcopies of recordings seminars, meetings, conferences, etc. The conversion of these recordings into a textual format for later retrieval is a dreary task. It requires the services of qualified personnel to transcribe the audio visual recordings into digital formats.

Transcriptions services are widely used by legal and healthcare industries. In case of medical transcription, there is continuous evolution and updating of data is required. As such, there are bound to be challenges that the industry is faced with. The biggest challenge faced it that, as everything relies on electronic recording of medical data; it is a phenomenal task to manage such voluminous data. Further, it deals with healthcare therefore there can be no chance for any error. Levels of accuracy and security are kept very high. Hence, the right step in the direction would be to hire the services of professional Transcription service providers.

A probable solution

There are several transcription service providers who are here to make your task of transcription easier. They offer fast and easy means of maintaining your files. Transcription solution companies own a knowledgeable and capable team that understands your requirements and plan to deliver quality services on time.

Make your business grow with our services

At Uniquesdata, we ensure that our clients do not get into the technology, infrastructure, equipment and manpower related details when they don’t profess an expertise in the area and waste their time and resources. We use state of art technology, infrastructure, software and the services of experienced proofreaders, editors and analysts who ensure quality and come up with transcription solutions that are well within the budget and are free of errors. We are experienced in transcribing speeches, round table conferences, interviews, symposiums, seminars and international conferences. Our professional transcription services offer our clients:

  • The ease to streamline the documentation, workflow and maintain records
  • Minimize documentation workload
  • Utilize the time and manpower thus saved in other core business activities
  • Improve overall business efficiency thereby raising profits
  • Keep updated official records on a regular basis
  • Error free transcripts as per time scheduled
  • Cost effective
  • Delivery in various formats, as per clients’ requirements

Our services extend to various sectors of profession and industry such as researchers in the academic field, specialists and professionals from a variety of different fields that include various life sciences, medicine, engineering, finance, information technology and so on.

Looking for cost effective transcription solutions? With us, you have the best in class services at affordable prices!

Transcription Services
  • DigitalTranscriptionServices

    Digital Transcription Services

    Digital transcription services are simply convenient for the users. This is how it works – notes are dictated into a device and then uploaded from any computer.

  • LegalTranscriptionServices

    Legal Transcription Services

    Uniquesdata can cater to all your legal transcription needs as we can transcribe variety of legal documents.

  • MediaTranscriptionServices

    Media Transcription Services

    Outsourcing media transcription services to a professional would mean meeting the customers’ demands with enhanced quality and speed.

  • FinancialTranscriptionServices

    Financial Transcription Services

    Financial transcription can be provided to large number of clients hailing from varying industrial / professional backgrounds as finance is a vital sector of any business

  • BusinesstranscriptionServices

    Business transcription Services

    Outsourcing business transcription can help you carry out your other core business activities with aplomb.

  •  GeneralTranscriptionServices

    General Transcription Services

    General Transcription Services are typically designed so as to meet specific business needs and requirements of professionals such as artists, publishers and individuals.