BIM Services

Compelled by fast-evolving international trends, the AEC industry is in a transition phase. Companies that wish to deliver projects swiftly, and efficiently and design better buildings require a reliable solution and, that is BIM. Building Information Modelling is a 3D representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the proposed infrastructure. BIM allows the AEC experts to plan, design, construct and manage infrastructures more efficiently. Facilitating architects, engineers and contractors to team up on coordinated models gives them a better insight into how their work fits into the overall project. BIM services make it easier to understand the inter-connection amongst spaces, materials and systems and, that’s why BIM models can get explored and manipulated as intended. This process also allows clash detection, cost & schedule.

Apprehending the BIM processes to the core, UniquesData provides 3D, 4D, 5D BIM modelling services, BIM drafting services and BIM consulting services.

Our Broad Spectrum of BIM Services


Our skilled architects and engineers help you visualize your proposed infrastructure in three dimensions. Matching your vision and design documents, our 3D models provide a realistic and accurate portrayal of the project. The services also include walkthrough tours of the 3D models.

  • 2D CAD Drawings to BIM Conversion
  • Sketch up to BIM
  • PDF to BIM Conversion
  • BIM for Construction & Engineering
  • SD, DD & CD stage 3D BIM modelling
  • Virtual validation
  • Program / RFP Analysis
  • Project Coordination
  • BIM for Construction


The term 4D refers to the Fourth Dimension- Time. 4D BIM services is becoming a boon to the architects, designers, contractors, and owners by determining the time duration and project progress.

  • In-depth Simulation Installation
  • 3D to 4D BIM
  • Planning & Site Logistic
  • Simulations for Project Phasing
  • Construction Visualization
  • Planned & Actual Simulation
  • Visual Validation
  • Lean Scheduling
  • Detect & Resolve Conflicts
  • Time Management
  • Schedule Construction


5D BIM services help to define the budget analysis and cost estimation from the beginning of any project. It is easier to analyze the costs that arise over time, thanks to 5D BIM.


Point Cloud to BIM services is particularly beneficial for renovations. We help architects and engineers to study the existing facility and envision the needed changes for the restoration. After 3D point cloud formation, the data gets exported to CAD & BIM to create 2D CAD drawings, plans, elevations, sections, 3D BIM & CAD models.

  • Point Cloud to MEP BIM Modelling
  • Scan to 3D Models for Structural & Architectural Components
  • Scan to Construction Drawings
  • 3D Scan to CAD

BIM Coordination Services

A crucial design criterion used across all projects, BIM coordination services provides a better collaboration between architectural, structural and MEP engineering to get an accurate digital representation.

BIM Clash Detection

Architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers and, other professionals prepare design models independent from each other. Once the models integrate, clash detection comes into the picture. Clash detection detects if the autonomous models clash or overlap with each other. The process ensures every aspect of the project is compatible and integrated smoothly.

BIM Content Creation

One can benefit the most when the information provided for BIM is perfectly managed, shared and has easy access. BIM Content is the collection of essential information required by the MEP engineers.

Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity Takeoff is a detailed measurement of material and labour required in a construction project. Also known as a bill of quantities (BOQ), bill of materials (BOM), or cutting lists, the services are considered the key economic factors of any project. The project managers and contractors can calculate the exact quantities of various materials and integrate them with the existing cost estimation.

Approach We Prefer

We integrate design & construction, synchronize real-time data, including updates, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the project’s life cycle, bridge the technical, and operational aspects of the assets and increase productivity through automation to provide you with the most beneficial and desired outcome.
After implementing the detailed design, analysis, documentation, fabrication, and construction, we prepare the top quality and satisfying result exactly as the client needs.
Central to the BIM processes, BIM documentation gets required at various project lifecycle stages. A robust collection of BIM papers provides the needed information and keeps everyone in the team is aligned. The data can get shared throughout the project lifecycle, thanks to data management.
Through cutting edge technology, a skilled team of architects and engineers, clear client communication, we maintain a stable workflow.

Benefits of BIM Services

  • Better Understanding of the Project
  • Greater Cost Predictability
  • Improved Schedule
  • Fewer Errors
  • Optimized Design
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Facilities Management
  • Lower Project Risk
  • Improved Timelines and Cost-Saving
  • Better Project Outcomes

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