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Different Types of Data Entry Services for Successful Businesses

Online Data Digitization Services


There are a wide range of data entry services available in India. These services cater to different industries with a different set of data entry specialists with different skills set. Some of the important requirements for a data entry job vary from donning exceptional reading and writing skills to having a good typing speed of almost 20 to 30 words per minute. Different data entry services call for different kinds of data entry experts with different specializations in different kinds of data entry services.

1. Manual Data Entry

  • This is the common and basic kind of data entry service where physical documents are manually converted into digital documents. The manual data entry is further divided into 4 parts.
  • Plain data entry includes converting all the data into a PDF document or soft copy.
  • Word processing requires a bit of technical knowledge and involves mailing labels, table creation, letters, charts, graphs, and report making. These kinds of works require experienced data entry experts.
  • Data cleaning involves removing or correcting erroneous data from a database from excel or word documents.
  • Other typing jobs require fewer skills like writing in a word document or filling cells in excel spreadsheets.

2. Online Data Entry

  • This kind of data entry job refers to filling the data online through portals or working on a soft copy format. These are further divided into 5 parts.
  • Online survey jobs are primarily used by companies to get feedback for their products or services from their customers.
  • Online form filling is one of tedious works where it requires a large amount of data to be filled in online forms. Sometimes the data needs to be churned out from the web by a data entry specialist making it all the more tiresome.
  • Email processing involves going through emails in large quantities and bifurcating them and making a list.
  • Data capturing and entering requires capturing data from a number of online publications like e-books and e-magazines.
  • Database updating includes updating the datasheet with names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. for different industries.

Data entry services have been continuously outsourced by a number of industries across the globe which usually aids in the overall business of the organization. Uniquesdata boasts of having a large number of trained and skilled data entry operators and data entry experts that will come up with the best solution for your organization. From offering data entry services to offering data processing and data conversion services, Uniquesdata is one-stop solution for all your data needs. Data entry has a long road to go and will continue to evolve with the demands of any kind of industry needs.

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