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How can Market Research be used to decide product pricing?

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An effective pricing strategy is required to assist a firm in setting a competitive offer price, maximizing revenue, and delivering a solid profit. When developing a marketing strategy, pricing is one of the most significant factors. Businesses must keep an eye on their competitors’ pricing strategies while determining prices to get a competitive advantage in the market.

What is Pricing Research?

Pricing research is a process of investigating the prices of a product or service. It examines variations in market demand and supply. Pricing research aims to establish the best price point for your products and services. Businesses can use this data to make well-informed price decisions based on profit, revenue, market share, and demand. Finding the proper pricing strategy may also entail working with lower price points, which will have a favorable long-term impact on your market position. The primary goal is to increase profitability through observation and analysis of behavioral pricing. Pricing research, as well as the proper selection and application of strategy, are critical to the success of a product.

Why is Pricing Research Important for any Business?

It is crucial to identify the right price for your product because overpricing may limit your market share, while underpricing may cause your clients to question the quality of your product. The best way to develop a product price plan is to conduct thorough research. Strategies based on how consumers value your product, and their willingness to pay are more likely to succeed in unlocking higher price points.

One of the most crucial decisions for every firm is deciding on a price for a product or service. Because companies must cover their expenses, the cost of an item must be high enough to cover expenses but not so high that buyers are unwilling to pay for the product. Many Outsource Market Research methodologies are required to identify the appropriate price point for every product.

There are many ways to decide the price but the most common market research pricing methodologies are below.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis asks people to compare distinct aspects to see how they value each other. When a corporation understands how its customers love the qualities of its products or services, it may utilize that knowledge to determine its pricing strategy.

Conjoint analysis is one of the essential price-determination research tools. When using this approach to do price analysis, researchers analyze what buyers give up by paying a given price for a product and compare that to the features the customer obtains by acquiring the product. The economic impact of pricing changes can be examined by analyzing how customers make purchase decisions.

The conjoint analysis focuses on how decisions are made given various product features at different price points. Consumers weigh price versus other product attributes and cost versus brand. A randomized statistical approach is used to change prices. This type of research is used for time-sensitive pricing in dynamic models such as transportation and leisure markets.


Gabor-Granger is a pricing research technique for determining a product or service’s revenue and demand curve. The strategy entails asking potential customers how likely they are to buy a product at various price ranges. If the user responds no, the next lower price point is presented; if they say yes, the next higher price point is revealed. This process is repeated until the pricing model determines the best price point.

The most significant advantage is that it is a simple gathering of first-hand customer information. It will provide you with an overview of the willingness to pay of various consumer categories. You will be able to learn the value people place on your products quickly and efficiently without the need for large-scale research studies.

Van Westendorp

The Van Westendorp strategy is a direct pricing mechanism as well. It assists in determining the most appropriate price for the various items or services an e-commerce business supplies. The approach is based on how prices affect consumers and how much they are willing to pay for different things. This is the practice of asking further questions to respondents to evaluate whether a product is too cheap, too expensive, or a deal. The area between these values is then utilized to calculate the range of acceptable pricing.

It is significant because the price is one of the most crucial factors in the final purchasing decision.


Any of these three approaches can serve as a strong foundation for determining the best pricing strategy for a project. To supplement their research, firms can use competition intelligence from syndicated market research studies to evaluate competitors’ successes and failures and establish what pricing methods attract or deter customers.

It is obvious that market research is essential when deciding a price for your product. It offers valuable information about your product price as well as the larger market. Hire Market Research Expert, may reveal how customers and potential customers perceive your product as well as any gaps in client expectations. This is extremely useful information to have when finalizing your price.

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