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Outsource Data Management & Data Entry Services

When it comes to data entry, it’s all much more than the traditional typing and simply feeding data. Over the years, the entire definition of data entry has changed largely. With the onset of digitization and globalization, there are still tens of thousands of millions of records that still needed to be digitized which cannot be manually entered into the system because then it would take years and decades to get it done with.

You need an immediate solution that would help you digitize millions of data in bulk in days. This is one of the problem statements that has created data entry jobs across the world that are so much in demand in current times. Businesses and companies have been actively outsourcing data entry and data processing services to some of the known and reliable providers across nation.

Uniquesdata is one such data entry services provider that has been around in the same industry for years now. We are one of the leaders in offering such services and we have been actively serving all kinds of small, medium, and large-scale companies globally. We have a huge team of experienced data entry professionals who are well-versed with the kind of data required for every single industry across all domains.

Our trained professionals are quite good at providing accurate data entry results that will help you achieve your business goals within the stipulated time period. There are instances where companies have hired in-house help or a team of people to help with the data entry work but that is quite expensive as compared to outsourcing similar services that will cost you 40-60% less as compared to hiring someone in-house and will also ensure that you get an entire team working for you using the latest technology, tools, and software.

Uniquesdata offers best-in-class technology to automate data entry processes by using OCR and ICR technology and handle bulk data entry work at a time. We offer a wide range of data entry services as mentioned below:

Data Processing – Here data in its raw form is obtained from various online sources and is processed in a readable and understandable format and is furthermore studied to come up with relevant marketing techniques and strategies to improve businesses.

Data Conversion – Here data collected in different formats are converted into required formats so that the same can be accessible to the clients easily. For example, PDF files are converted into editable Word documents, etc.

Data Cleansing – As the name implies, our highly skilled and experienced data entry experts will help you clean your data like an email list, excel sheets, etc.

Data Mining – Mining refers to getting or extracting information on current marketing trends from various sources online.

Ecommerce Data Entry – As the name implies it refers to entering product data on various eCommerce websites and across different platforms.

Image Data Entry – When it comes to listing products on an eCommerce websites, images are needed to ensure increased brand traffic.

Uniquesdata has always been the first choice for a number of our clients when it comes to Top Outsourcing Data Entry Services and we have flawlessly met the needs of our satisfied customers with ease.

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