As ideas are the things that matter in business, without correct data there is no way to turn them into execution. Data is the new currency of business and we want you to leverage that currency.

Uniquesdata provides a variety of alternatives, including data processing, data conversion, scanning and indexing, and online research services.

Our pricing system is quite thorough, and our rates are reasonably priced.

Data Digitization Services (Data Entry)

The starting pricing for the services mentioned below is $3/hour. Please have a look at the ones listed below:

Online Data Entry :
Our Data Entry prices begin at $3/hour. which includes data entry service includes entering details in online databases for banks, universities, educational institutions, government agencies, realtors, market research companies, and real estate firms to name a few.

Data Mining Services:

The Data mining services normally start with $4/hour. which includes sorting out data to find patterns and relationships that may be used in the analysis of data to assist solve business challenges.

Data Processing Services:
Our starting pricing for Data Processing Services is $4/hour. We can further personalize these costs based on your specific business needs.

Data Conversion Services:
Our Data Conversion Services rates starting from $4/hour. include converting all types of records into readable formats.

Scanning & Indexing:

The base price for Scanning and Indexing once again starts at $3/hour. We extract information from existing databases by using barcodes, OCR, and indexing of the scanned data. Again, these prices are simply suggestive and may vary. depending on factors: unique business specifications, project complexity, and fields necessary for information extraction.

Web Research Services:

The prices for our Web Research Services usually start at $4/hour. which majorly includes in-depth research utilizing the most relevant terms to obtain useful data from search engines such as Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, and Bing.

Pricing Constraints

  • Our price deciding factors are as below.
  • Hourly Rate: You just pay for hours worked.
  • Monthly Rate: You pay for labor completed five days a week for eight hours a day, or 160 Hours a Month.
  • Dedicated Team: You get a committed staff that only serves you on an exclusive basis and You Have a Customized Assistant.

Price Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that all costs mentioned on our website are INDICATIVE, and actual pricing may vary depending upon the type of project and complexity level.