Real Estate Data Digitization Services

We know you have a massive pile of paper to manage each day everyday , But don’t you worry. We heard you and got you covered. Our real estate online data entry services can assist you in handling various data from sales and commission reports, property valuation paperwork, and even legal reports.

And The data is valuable, and you must enter it into the appropriate database or resource to use it. When managing your material, data entry will help you stay organized and in charge of your work.

We realize that you are looking for outsourcing partners to help you stay organized and in charge of your data needs. We have a team of experts who can provide various data entry services to real estate companies. Our highly experienced specialists deliver top-quality data entry and processing solutions at the lowest cost-effective prices.

Take your real estate business to the next level with UniquesData

Let us walk you through the wide range of services we provide in the real estate Sector.

  • Consolidation of the buyer and seller information
  • Commercial and non-commercial valuation details data entry
  • Data entry related to taxes and insurance
  • Converting hard copy data into digital format
  • Data processing and management services
  • Offline and Online data entry services
  • New database creation
  • Property Listings
  • Legal document preparation
  • Sales records data entry
  • Capturing of the data
  • Extraction of the data

    Real estate is a multi-faceted industry with many dimensions to it. So How are you planning to touch every extent of it? Don’t know how? It’s okay. That’s what we are here for; we will notify you how our Real estate data entry service can back you up.

    Want to know How UniquesData is going to do it for you? Then Keep reading.

    As your real-estate business grows, you must deal with large amounts of data. This data originates from various sources, including property valuation, property listings, legal files, and sales information. It is also vital to process the information appropriately to be applied effectively to sustain your real estate data entry services.

    By outsourcing the data entry for your properties to UniquesData, you can continue to focus on your core competencies. We provide reliable Data Entry Services that are cost-effective to our clients. This way, not only do you spare yourself more time for the core business, but you also save money.

    Strengths of our Real Estate Data Entry Services.

    1) We have a staff of highly qualified and skilled specialists who promise a quick turnaround time.

    2) Your data is safe with us.

    3) We have comprehensive training and quality control protocols in place.

    4) We have extensive experience in real-estate data processing and property listings, so we can provide you with tailored solutions.

    5) We guarantee a minimum of 99% accuracy with your digital data.


    The real estate industry is rapidly expanding. Data storage and formatting are critical components of maintenance. A tiny data inaccuracy might have a significant impact on the business. Real estate professionals may be good at handling property sales and purchases. Still, they are not usually skilled at maintaining data, so outsourcing seems the only logical choice here.

    It is as simple as breathing. Click on the contact us link, and our experts will guide you through everything you need.

    Partner With us to Get The Most Out of Your Data

    Talented teams

    With more than 10 years of experience in the field, our team has sound knowledge of various industries. Implementing unique strategies, we deliver the accurate output within a quick turnaround time.

    Massive Work Volume

    Qualified to handle massive work volume, the team can process and manage your data as per your requirements. Bank on our competent data entry professionals for fast, accurate and reliable deliverables.

    Latest Technology

    We can’t provide the best if we don’t utilise the best. Rest assured, we use cutting edge data management software & tools to provide you with the best quality outcomes.

    Competitive Rates

    Our price range is developed to reduce the burden on your pockets. You can save up to 60% on your operational costs, consequently boosting profits.

    By choosing Uniquesdata, you opt for, Best Rates, High Quality Output, Faster Turnarounds and Complete Data Security.


    Why Uniquesdata


    We offer you the finest data entry, data processing & data conversion professionals in the field. Being quite well-versed with the field, they bring profound knowledge & vast operational experience to any project they are assigned with.


    Uniquesdata boasts of more than 12 years of experience in providing premium quality data management solutions for industries such as eCommerce, education, real estate, legal firms, banking & finances, travel, hospitality & healthcare around the globe

    Tailored Solutions

    We understand your requirements, data volume & data complexity to provide a team that has sufficient experience, knowledge & skills best suitable to your specifications.

    We Care

    We understand outsourcing is one of the most important yet most strategic decisions your company could make. Trust us as we put our best foot forward to prove to you that you have made the right decision by choosing us as your data entry services outsourcing partner.

    24×7 support

    For any of your queries or concerns, our teams are ready to assist you whenever you need. We offer 24×7 customer support from India in any time zone.

    Free trial

    We offer a free trial for you to check the quality, accuracy & turnaround time of our services. For us, the purpose of a free trial is to get the learning curve and assess ourselves to give you the best possible solutions. .