Transcription services

If you have video or audio content that you want to turn into a text-based file, you need Transcription Services. Transcription Is a Process That Converts Spoken Words (Live or Recorded) To Written or Electronic Text Document. We transcribe audio content to a text file and spoken words of a video into a text file. Transcription services include methods such as Automatic Speech Recognition Technology, Human Transcription or a combination of both.  Uniquesdata offers flawless Transcription Services at attractive rates. The Services vary as per the field and the client need.

Three Ways to Do the Transcription,

Literal Transcription: Also known as Verbatim Transcribing, this process includes typing out each word of the audio/video files. This method gets  practiced in research processes such as psychological examinations or a market study where reactions have to be analyzed.
Clean Transcription: Includes all the words but leaving out interjections, stutters and repetitions. The objective here is to display the valuable content omitting the unnecessary details.
Summary Transcription: This is the transcription method utilized at the very least. It includes writing down the synopsis of the audio/video file or the interview.

Our Transcription Services Range Includes the Following,

Business Transcription Services: Any corporate, giant or modest, will have a series of meetings, seminars, conferences, courtroom proceedings, interviews, video call meetings & conference calls. It is impossible to write down all the details of all the interactions, down to the minute. It would prove
to be wise if these business communications are audio recorded and outsourced to Uniquesdata for reliable and accurate transcription services.

Digital Transcription Services: We have the competence to convert any of your media files into a digital format you prefer. With specific procedures, we turn Audiovisual content into more convenient, transferable and easily  accessible digital media. Digital recordings come in many different forms. We have the latest transcription software and equipment. Therefore, bank on us to
handle the full spectrum.

  • Pocket Digital Voice Recorders
  • Live Broadcasts for Voice-To-Text Transcripts

Financial Transcription Services: A command over financial jargon is a must while transcribing financial documents. It entails transcription of financial reports, annual general meetings, sales reports, business surveys and interim reports. While transcribing the provided financial documents, the team not just convert content to text but create a variety of documents such as reports  & analysis. Financial transcriptions are beneficial for the corporates to keep a check on the company‚Äôs financial health.

General Transcription Services: Transcriptions not falling under medical or legal fields get referred to as General Transcriptions. These services are beneficial for transcribing the following:

  • Most Podcasters transcribe their shows and re-create them as articles or newsletter content. Often religious institutions or businesses hold  webcasts that get transcribed to keep records or to post on websites.
  • Journalists require transcription services to transcribe interviews, phone calls, notes for clarity & reference.
  • Insurance agents use recorders while gathering the details of accidents. The recorded content gets transcribed to determine claims.
  • Radio Talk Shows get transcribed for their audience, who may want to listen to them later.

Legal Transcription Services: Interrogations, depositions, court hearings often require to listen to again & again. Anyone involved in casework will want facts, dates & quotes. All that information must be formatted in appropriate text format, making it easily accessible. Transcription can help with this as clients can hand over their content in the form of tapes, digital files and videos and receive legible and perfectly formatted documents in return. The services include the transcription of depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, client letters, legal briefs, and judicial correspondence.  Specializing in the field and being well-versed with legal jargon, our transcribers offer accurate transcriptions.

Media Transcription Services: Media transcription encompasses converting documentaries, films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, news, talk shows, broadcasts, interviews, video-taped events and raw footage into text. Along with creating subtitles, we provide transcripts for YouTube
Videos, radio broadcasts & video games. Media transcriptions make the content easily accessible and editable. But more than that, it offers excellent SEO benefits. Due to accurately written verbal content, it becomes easier to search the video on the search engines. It benefits the brand & the content by giving it more viewership. We assure you, your content will be coherent and will have a wider reach.

Expect This from Us:

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Comprehensive & Customized Services
  • Advanced Technology
  • Experienced & Skillful Professionals
  • Potential to Manage Massive Work-Amount
  • Strict Adherence to a Quick TAT