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Six Major market research trends in 2023 you should look for.

Market research now drives decisions in the sports industry. Market research is essential for creating a marketing plan. When done effectively, it may assist in highlighting your marketing operations, such as understanding the needs of your target audience and determining what critical messages to express and how to deliver them.

It may take the guessing out of innovation and direct resources to the most promising ideas and initiatives. Companies do market research on various development phases.

It is a continuing process in which you constantly learn about your company environment, your consumers, and their requirements and preferences because the market keeps changing, and you must keep researching and understanding the elements of your marketing plan.

Market Research Industry Growth

Between 2009 and 2019, the worldwide market research industry’s worth increased by more than USD 40 billion. The industry is presently valued at $82.62 billion and shows no signs of declining. Unprecedented amounts of data, real-time analytics, and genuinely global audiences propel the industry forward.

Over the past ten years, the market research sector has dramatically risen. However, future advances might significantly enhance potential profitability in the research business. What may firms in this field expect in the following years? And that has made outsourcing market research services a popular choice among companies nowadays. Here are some statistics and trends from market research.

Mobile Surveys

Mobile market research refers to questions provided directly to respondents using a wireless device such as a cell phone, personal device assistant (PDA), or tablet. MCASI, or mobile computer-assisted self-administered interviewing, entails a programmed survey that is only visible to the interviewer and in which data is digitally submitted using the software. An online survey is a more concise name for this study.

Experts predict that the online survey market will continue to develop rapidly, increasing by 16% yearly until 2026. With the success of internet surveys, it is only natural that mobile surveys ( MMR)will fall into line.

In 2020, mobile devices accounted for 68% of all website visitors worldwide. This is an almost 5% increase over 2019.

Another SURVEY emphasizes that smartphone polls are far superior to desktop internet polls. They claim that smartphone polls have a more extensive reach, particularly among Gen Z customers, and result in a higher response rate.

According to experts, mobile-first surveys must maximize the user experience. This can result in data variations of ten percentage points or more. Thus mobile surveys or mobile market research is going to stay longer.

Community Insights

Although Gen Z accounts for 20% of the population and wishes to be heard, they are also the least likely to participate in research. This poses the issue of how marketers may successfully engage Generation Z.

Based on the market research industry trends identified, strategized communication outreach might assist in addressing this issue. Top Market Research Companies in the USA have adapted to this new-age technique to reach their audience regardless of type.

This gen z community cant is reached through emails. As mentioned above, we need to contact them through text, app, or another mobile. Every marketer should handle them spontaneously and try to converse honestly with them.

Remember the saying, “Everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to be taught.

Corporate Diversity and Inclusivity

Corporate diversity and inclusivity are the real things. Many researchers are beginning to question traditional approaches that have ignored minority groups of individuals because of their histories, talents, and identities. Setting quotas, for example, ensures ethnicity, age, gender, region, and other attributes are represented so that all participants have a voice. When speaking with brand managers, it is critical to ask how important diversity and inclusion are to their brand goals. Market Researchers, in particular, should be mindful of cultural sensitivities, be sincere in their contact with people, and be dedicated to expanding their expertise on these topics.

Video for Qualitative Research

According to a Take Note study, 93% of market researchers employ online/video focus groups more frequently than three years ago.

They also revealed that 90% of companies are using online video submissions and in-depth video interviews from customers more than they were three years ago.

What is the primary reason for this change? Customers are considerably more comfortable being “on camera” these days.

Because of the epidemic, video conferencing systems have become commonplace for many people. During its height, more than 300 million individuals utilized Zoom every day.

Many people now use video conferencing programs regularly. Compared to open-ended text replies, Medallia’s Living Lens video software allows businesses to gather 6x more information with video surveys. Del Taco recently used more than ten hours of consumer video material in response to menu revisions.

Market Research that is Quicker and Cheaper

Companies must be active while doing market research.

When implementing post-pandemic environmental adjustments, firms respond 20-25x faster than usual.

According to one CEO, organizations must have “correct, up-to-date research” to learn more about their customers and business.

Keeping that in mind, companies now have to move from an in-house team to hiring market research experts as they are highly skilled in their jobs. And talking about the remote unit, we must recognize India; it is one of the popular choices in offshore outsourcing. That is why companies in the USA, UK, Europe, etc hire market research experts in India for a better option.

Social Media

Because customer requirements are continuously changing, market research will always be essential to any successful firm. By 2025, 5.42 billion individuals will be utilizing social media worldwide. People post about themselves on social media 80% of the time. Businesses that engage in social media research have real-time access to their target audience.

Gathering historical and real-time data from social media is what social media listening entails. This data may guide choices and inspire new products like other market research methodologies.


Shortly, social media, cell phones, and DIY data research should dominate the market. Market research trends constantly change, which is why staying on top is critical. Brands that can predict client desires and requirements swiftly and efficiently will be able to outperform the competition and never look back. Market research trends are constantly changing, so staying on top is essential.

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