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Data is the wealth of any business today. Equipped with skilled, experienced & sincere minds, cutting-edge technological tools & the best possible infrastructure, we provide a wide range of data entry, data processing & data conversion services to a global clientele.


Offline Data Digitization Services


Since 2009, Uniquesdata took charge of the data entry outsourcing needs of the clients from diverse domains. We are content to say that since then, we’ve witnessed our client base growing bigger each year. Evidently, we have not only sustained but we started leading the field & here is our business secret: cost-effective, customized & supreme quality data entry services, along with assured data accuracy & security.

Our consistency in the above factors has gained us the trust of a global clientele. We’ve evolved from a small team in a modest infrastructure to the strength of 200+ qualified employees along with additional offices. Today, being a reliable and reputed name in the data management industry, our services meet global standards. Having the right data entry experts, latest tech & tools, we provide a wide range of data entry, data processing & data conversion services to a satisfied client base in USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Argentina & Chile.

To provide the best, we utilise the best

  • Customised Strategy

    Each field is unique. Each client is unique. So, when we take up a project, we come up with tailored strategies that are satisfactory, & beneficial to the client.

  • Latest Technology

    In the 21st century, technological advancements emerge each day. Understanding the importance of the latest tools, we keep ourselves updated with the technological trends and software to provide the best output.

  • Skilled Team

    We are proud of having the finest data entry experts. Being talented, sincere & knowledgeable regarding various fields, our teams can effortlessly collect, process and organise all your data exactly as you need.

  • 24x7 Support

    You can reach out to us regarding any of your queries, concerns & feedbacks whenever you need. Our team is ready to provide you with any assistance 24x7.

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It's a given. Integrity is the key ingredient through which we deliver a fulfilling, satisfying & benefitting experience to our clients.


Be it the first communication, official documentation or project execution, transparency is what you will experience in all of our processes.

Client satisfaction

A satisfied client is our real reward. Rather than merely providing business solutions, we strive to deliver a satisfying, fulfilling & benefitting experience.


It is due to the complete sincerity & dedication of our team that we don't just live up to the client expectation but exceed them.


Project Basis

This model is useful for projects with specific/ fixed conditions and budgets. This is especially useful when a company is unfit to achieve project deadlines. Then, You are able to review the work and its conditions before the project begins.

  • Fixed Rate
  • Minimal mid-project differences
  • Pre-Defined Project

Hourly Basis

This approach is suitable for systems that don't have any specific pre-defined objectives. Because pricing is calculated on the number of hours utilized, any changes to the design can be addressed in the middle of the project too.

  • Multiple Systems with diverse requirements
  • Intended outcomes and timetable
  • Predicted midstream project Changes

Devoted Team

We also have a dedicated crew that only works for one customer. This is excellent for a long-term partnership because these experts are highly trained to understand your specific requirements. It's the same as employing an employee, but without the associated infrastructure and project management costs.

  • You have a dedicated team for your project and a personal assistant.
  • Ongoing and long-term activities that need full-time personnel.