Check Processing Services


Cash-flow. Do we need to say how integral that is to every business? All the hard work, decisions and operations are ultimately to generate more wealth. Cash transactions are inevitable and occur daily across and within all the industries. The face of cash transactions is a lot different today than it was before. Previously cash transactions methods were hardly a few, but today there are many online payment platforms available. And when everything is getting a digital avatar, why should the good-old cheques fall behind? Gone are the days when people filled deposit slips, go through a pile of paper-work just for one transaction. Our latest Cheque Processing Services allow you to capture an electronic copy of the cheque for verification, process and deposit. Our effective cheque processing solutions will save you from the long, tedious trips to the bank, a pile of paper-work & risk of errors.

Take Cheques, Not Chances

Accurate, Trustworthy, and Timely solutions is what one looks for while outsourcing Cheque Processing Services and Uniquesdata ticks all the above boxes for the same. Being a veteran in the field by serving the worldwide clientele for more than a decade, we know just how sensitive cash-related documents are and what a cautious approach they demand with utmost attention to detail. One might think of having an in-house crew, but amateurs will make errors. In such delicate processes, one mistake will do the damage equivalent to ten. And at that point, the process must begin again from scratch. It sufficiently explains why the companies need a team that is experienced and fluent with cheque processing solutions. Outsourcing Cheque Processing Services with Uniquesdata gives you the correct skill-set and saves your time, which you can use in focusing on more urgent business activities.

We Offer

Cheque Settlement at the Sale Points such as Credit/Debit gateways and Electronic Cheque Processing is what we offer in our Cheque Processing Solutions. There are two distinctive ways concerning fund Transfer. One is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or E-cheques, and another is the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The processing methods differ slightly in them both. Both the systems are viable for the fund-transfer among businesses and clients.

  • Cheque Verification: Vital cheque details such as cheque number, amount, account number, bank branch code, and proper signatures get thoroughly checked with cheque processing systems.
  •  Check conversion: It converts the cheque payment methods into electronic payments through Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Cheque Conversion saves time & money spent on payment processing. Additionally, there are benefits like prompt fraud detection and fewer check returns.
  •  Deferred Payment: This service lets any vendor offer more convenience and choice of payment options to the consumers. Making it easier for the client to pay by any option they are comfortable with.

Hire Us & Gain

  • Cheque Processing Solutions reduces the risk of fraud from bogus cheques.
  • Real-time authorizations instantly notify the client regarding non-sufficient funds (NSF), thereby reducing losses.
  • Cheque verification checks the customer against a database of known Frauds by using a driver’s license information and other details, keeping Cash transfer channels safer and risk-free.
  • With a more secured and regulated electronic financial system, the cheque processing services are reliable, reduces risks & errors for the business of any size.
  • Be it any field, or any amount of work, customized, cost effective and outstanding cheque processing solutions with strict adherence to TAT is our guarantee to you.