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An invoice usually contains the following- consumer name, product/service name, the quantity/contents of the product/service, product/service details, purchase cost, sale/discount details, payment details (due or paid), and supplier details. Now, that was the depiction of one particular invoice. Industries across the world generate different kinds of invoices which are complex and involve multiple invoicing procedures. Invoice data is crucial. It depicts the financial health of the business. In a way, it defines the company’s future. Hence, capturing, processing & digitizing valuable invoice data is essential. The process must be conducted with the greatest precision, as incorrect data would negatively impact the business’s overall health, causing a loss of clients and reputation. Therefore, outsourcing invoice data digitization services to a reputed offshore data digitization outsourcing partner would be an advantage.

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Since the global business landscape is evolving fast, Uniquesdata encourages various industry verticals to keep up by digitizing crucial invoice data. As the top data digitization outsourcing company for over a decade, we provide bespoke, best-quality, cost-effective invoice data digitization services to an international clientele.

Offering dedicated resources and the latest technology since 2009

Invoices vary depending on the field, and each invoice requires a specific treatment, digital format, and a particular arrangement in the database. Utilizing their years of experience & knowledge, our experts deliver an outcome that meets client expectations. Be it a bill of supply, purchase orders, transport orders, shipping & delivery records, supplier & distributor invoices, payment, or refund vouchers. The papers might be scanned/faxed or in printed format. Our experts can efficiently capture details such as invoice date & number, purchase order number, products/units/services number, billing amount, tax payment (VAT/GST), shipping & delivery dates, and contact details of buyer & seller. The data gets converted into a suitable digital format and stored in the database of your choice most conveniently and cost-effectively. With an aptitude to handle electronic and printed invoices, we help firms successfully achieve their business goals. Bank on us for complex data digitization processes such as accounts payable data entry and paper/digital invoice processing.


Data security & confidentiality comes built-in


Ensuring proper customization and complete accuracy, we initiate, conduct, & complete the project in close consultation with the client. Let us assure you of a quick turnaround without compromising the quality. With strict security & confidentiality procedures in place, your data is safe with us. We can customize our invoice data digitization services to accommodate any unique requirements of our clients. We can be your reliable bookkeeping partner, helping you achieve speed and operational efficiency.

Our comprehensive range of invoice data digitization services includes,

  • Data capturing from invoices in any format (hard copies, digital files, or any other form)
  • Sorting, indexing, and verifying the invoice data
  • Automated or manual invoice data entry
  • Data entry from scanned images of invoices, receipts, purchase orders & other web documents
  • Scanning hard copies of invoices, receipts, and purchase orders for data entry
  • Data entry from email attachments
  • Data entry of sales & purchase invoices
  • Data entry of the pro-forma invoices
  • Data entry of self-billing invoices
  • Data entry of credit and debit memos
  • Data entry of standard invoices
  • Data entry of Interest invoices
  • Data entry of tax invoices
  • Data entry of utility invoices
  • Data entry of timesheet and statement
  • Data entry of recurring invoices
  • Data entry of commercial invoices
  • Data entry of progress invoices
  • Data entry of overdue invoices
  • Data entry of consolidated invoices
  • Data entry of retainer invoices
  • Data entry of intrim invoices
  • Data entry of commercial invoice
  • Data entry of miscellaneous invoices
  • Data entry of expense records
  • Data entry into applications cloud
  • Invoice data entry into management systems, databases, finance software, database programs, and customized applications
  • Invoice data entry using remote log-in
  • Data entry from PDF to MS Excel sheet or MS Word
  • Data entry for invoice factoring agencies
  • Invoice data processing
  • VPN or Citrix terminal and kofax
  • Purchase & invoice order matching
  • Creating receipts of e-invoices
  • Creating PO receipts of supplier invoices
  • Settlement of purchase orders to invoices
  • Data entry of every kind of transaction suitable to a specific industry vertical

Why should you choose Uniquesdata as your invoice data digitization outsourcing partner?

Whether invoice data digitization or invoice processing, the tasks are challenging and time-consuming. Achieving a better outcome requires precision and knowledge. Executing the process in-house can be expensive as you have to invest in the technology, training, infrastructure, and many other expenses. The job also hampers the productivity levels of the team. Even after conducting the procedures in-house, the results are incorrect, full of errors, & not up to the mark.

That’s where we support you. Regardless of the data volume or complexity, we can smoothly manage your invoice data exactly as your business requires. Offering a blend of reliable invoice data digitization experts, the best technologies, and carefully curated working methods, Uniquesdata excels at every project. We manage your invoices in a way that improves the speed, efficiency & accuracy of all business transactions and invoice operations of your business. Outsourcing invoice data digitization services with us also help you save time, resources, and at least 60% of the costs.

Before we begin a project, we provide you with a free trial to check the quality, accuracy, and turnaround time of the services. A free trial gives us a learning curve and a better understanding of the project so that we can deliver you the most satisfying solutions.

The submission time of the first trial is up to 12 to 24 hours. The time can be changed depending on the work volume. The primary project completion depends majorly on the volume and complexity of the work.

We offer the best pricing structure in the outsourcing field. There are three options.
• man-to-month (price depending on the manpower you hire)
• per hour (price on an hourly basis)
• per-project
The prices are subject to customization depending on the term of the agreement, project complexity, technologies used, needed skills, and knowledge of the expert. Once we go through your detailed requirements, you shall be given an exact quote.

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Talented teams

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, our team has sound knowledge of various industries. Implementing unique strategies, we deliver the accurate output within a quick turnaround time.

Massive Work Volume

Qualified to handle massive work volume, the team can process and manage your data as per your requirements. Bank on our competent data entry professionals for fast, accurate and reliable deliverables.

Latest Technology

We can’t provide the best if we don’t utilise the best. Rest assured, we use cutting edge data management software & tools to provide you with the best quality outcomes.

Competitive Rates

Our price range is developed to reduce the burden on your pockets. You can save up to 60% on your operational costs, consequently boosting profits.

By choosing Uniquesdata, you opt for, Best Rates, High Quality Output, Faster Turnarounds and Complete Data Security.


Why Uniquesdata


We offer you the finest data entry, data processing & data conversion professionals in the field. Being quite well-versed with the field, they bring profound knowledge & vast operational experience to any project they are assigned with.


Uniquesdata boasts of more than 12 years of experience in providing premium quality data management solutions for industries such as eCommerce, education, real estate, legal firms, banking & finances, travel, hospitality & healthcare around the globe

Tailored Solutions

We understand your requirements, data volume & data complexity to provide a team that has sufficient experience, knowledge & skills best suitable to your specifications.

We Care

We understand outsourcing is one of the most important yet most strategic decisions your company could make. Trust us as we put our best foot forward to prove to you that you have made the right decision by choosing us as your data entry services outsourcing partner.

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For any of your queries or concerns, our teams are ready to assist you whenever you need. We offer 24×7 customer support from India in any time zone.

Free trial

We offer a free trial for you to check the quality, accuracy & turnaround time of our services. For us, the purpose of a free trial is to get the learning curve and assess ourselves to give you the best possible solutions. .