Health Care Service

Healthcare Zone – A maze!

Healthcare industry is being faced with a serious challenge. A swelling number of patients to cater to, each on a priority basis coupled with a huge backlog of administrative work. Both the aspects of healthcare business cannot afford a delay or waiting period. At this point of time what the patients, providers and payers of the healthcare industry are facing is a fragmented scenario distraught with challenges and time lapses. The viable solution to the maze would be to outsource Healthcare services in the hands of professional experts. The experts in the field manage the patients, providers and payers with efficiency and great ease by making optimum use of technology.

Healthcare Services – ‘THE’ Solution

Healthcare service providers seek to provide their expert service by adhering to the regulatory norms and reducing administrative costs at the same time ensuring there is no compromise on quality. Healthcare service providers enable the healthcare and medical specialists stay loyal and dedicated to their patients while they manage their cash flows with ease and sophistication. Healthcare Business Solutions are as under:

  • Provider Solution – streamlines cash flow and speeds up the reimbursement process
  • Payer Solution – Claims Lifecycle Management, Cost Avoidance Solutions, timely reimbursements
  • Technology Solution – design technology platforms are designed to cover the healthcare payment business continuum in its entirety

Apart from the above core services a number of value added services are also provided to help the clients deliver more efficient and affordable healthcare services.

Better Care, Greater Value

Uniquesdata offers a range of comprehensive tailor made solutions that help medical and healthcare professionals gain easy access to patient information, automate management and manage payment and money matters. Our team of experts streamlines and standardizes the revenue cycle. Team with us and you secure the Uniquesdata advantage by way of:

  • Increased revenue
  • Increase profits
  • Safety, security and adherence to guidelines
  • Flexibility
  • Accurate processing

Some of the Services that we offer are:

  • Analytics
  • Medical Coding
  • Claims management
  • Patient consulting
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Healthcare IT
  • Accounts
  • Credit balance resolution

Our knowledge, expertise and experience have enabled us to provide successful solutions to our clients. Our methods and technology that we incorporate are time-tested and we deliver output that result in measurable improvements in the healthcare industry.