Image Processing Services

A Picture Prevails

Today, if a business wants to connect & attract more clientele to its brands, nothing is more advantageous than visual imagery. At some point in time, any industry needs to put up images of the products it produces or sales. Pictures are more effective when one needs to inform the shopper regarding the  product. Often the picture in its original form isn’t useful. And that’s when the Image Processing comes in handy. Uniquesdata offers Image Processing  Services that excerpts, enhance and customize the data in photos. Using high-end software and the best professionals, we design excellent professional image catalogues for your brand. With our image processing solutions, usual product images get a more glamorous avatar, useful for catalogues, promotions and  brand campaigns. Pictures are the soul of presentation hence needs delicate  hands for processing. Better quality, fast delivery with a pocket-friendly price  is what any business will require to stay ahead in the competition. Uniquesdata lives up to it all.

Pick Us for Your Pictures

We offer Image processing techniques such as image capture, classification, extraction, validation, and export. By using them, information on the infographics gets changed into suitable digital formats. Our Image Processing Services offers an inclusive range of image scanning, indexing, conversion, image colour detection-identification, content-based Image retrieval, 2D-3D image conversion, filtering, prioritization and automated feature extraction to fulfil any demand that comes our way. We keep ourselves updated with newest technological advancements. Give your pictures in any formats (RAW, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, BMP, GIF or even a PSD) and we will transform them into any suitable format you require.

Here’s our Services

  • Scanning: With the right blend of manual data entry, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and barcode indexing, we carefully file every document along with stringent checks to provide an error-free output. Being well-versed with a family of scanners such as flatbed, hand-held & overhead, our executives deliver
    excellent outcomes.
  • Indexing: For better usability and easier retrieval, we label and   categorise each image. If needed, we also tag the pictures with date, subject & author.
  • Compression: We encode the original file and reduce its size while maintaining the same quality. The Compression makes file transfer and storage much simpler & convenient.
  • Conversion: You can hand over your files in any format. We can convert them into a format you require. Rest assured, the process doesn’t hamper the image quality but enhances it. You receive the output that smoothly syncs with your intended applications.
  • Format Compatibility:  We make sure that when we convert an image into a suitable format, it supports various devices & platforms.  Therefore, image retrieval, access & transfer are more manageable.
  • Copyright Protection: We check images against legal copyright policies so that no authenticity breaches occur.
  • Sort & Backup: During Image Processing, all the online & offline data gets safely stored in a database for smooth accessibility.

When you partner with us, we become an extension of your team. We understand your requirements, and no matter how unique they are, we come up with a specially customized selection of Image processing services. It will not only align with your business requirements but also help boost your profits. And on top of it, you get it all at absolutely cost-efficient rates.