Insurance Industries & the Challenges Posed by a Digitized World!

Insurance Industries is a much data extensive world. Insurance companies create voluminous data. Storage systems help to amass transaction data every day and IT managers are required to create data dump for business users for their scrutiny and reporting. The process is monotonous, redundant and time consuming and at the same time it is subject to risk of human errors. The way the insurance companies are mining their own data is inefficient and time consuming. Also, insurance companies today are challenged with delivering customer-friendly products and services across multiple channels, while at the same time holding down costs, closely managing risks, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Few Top Pressing Challenges Faced by the Insurance Sector are –

  • Integrating Government risk and compliance.
  • Leveraging IT to solve their business problems.
  • A major hurdle is keying in of data repetitively into each system. Using agile and automated systems to overcome this mundane task is a challenge.
  • Standardization of data as same data could be required in different formats at different levels in the system.

Major insurance companies are now seeking software solutions to help them run their business efficiently and effectively.

Discover the Benefits of Insurance Solutions Software

  • Customized solutions – creates a 360 degree view of customer data. Enables custom made reports and templates.
  • Efficiency – enables faster deployment of data and cuts cost and efforts by over 30%. Data-models, dash boards, report are very effective.
  • Customer experience management – your organization can deliver outstanding service at a lower cost. The software provides a complete and integrates view of the customer information and helps agents and service representatives in their customer interactions.
  • Automation – intelligent, end-to-end automated processes reduce costs and cycle times while increasing accuracy and transparency.
  • Governance Risk & Compliance – build your company’s risk, fraud, and compliance best practices into intelligent processes that are applied consistently across the organization.

Uniquesdata – the Intelligent Solutions Provider!

Uniquesdata offers core insurance software business solutions for insurers, brokers, and MGAs of

  • General insurance, property and casualty
  • Life Pension and annuities
  • Reinsurance and retirement markets
  • Business decision management software for financial organizations.

Our end-to-end custom software solutions support your today’s needs as well as prepares you to take on challenges of the future. Equipping your business with robust, flexible and functionally-rich software solutions, we solve problems for individual, group or worksite clients.