Banking and Financial Services

Problems Faced

Traditional manner of banking is faced with a series of serious challenges and threats if it needs to survive in the digital era. The constantly changing landscape of the IT has made it difficult for conventional banking and financial institutions to keep pace with the cut throat competition. Some of the problems faced are:

  • Tightening budgets
  • Continuous demands of cost Education
  • Immense pressure from the swelling customer base
  • Increasingly complex demands of real time digital customer

Many banks are transitioning themselves from high-cost, conventional and in-house methods of working to more agile and flexible managed services, such as business process outsourcing, application management, and software solutions. To stay in the game, banks need to invest in cutting-edge technology and innovation while ensuring their core infrastructures offer the right groundwork for real organic growth and expanded customer wallet share.

Digital Freedom in the Banking & Finance Sector

Digital revolution is what the banking and finance industry needs to look into deeply. Customers now have a choice of varying channels for interacting with their banks. With choice comes competition and with the authoritarian push towards price lucidity and rapid account switching, customer churn is likely to increase.

To overcome the challenges faced by the Banking & Finance sector a fully automated and agile platform is required to secure financial transactions management that meets the needs of both banks and corporates. A software solution for the banking and finance sector would help:

  • Protect your company against any financial risk.
  • Protect company’s reputation
  • Protect business against disruption

It is ideal not to undermine the advantages that software solutions have to offer to the banking and financial industry:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Convenience of data backup and implementation
  • Productivity is enhanced as information can be accessed or updated from multiple branches/offices
  • Security is maintained as each level of data access is governed by password
  • IT keeps you ahead in competition

Software Solutions@ Uniquesdata

Uniquesdata is a provider of intelligent and automated solutions for financial transactions and management for banks or corporate. We help our clients by empowering them with intelligent, self learning solutions that simplify and automate their entire work process – minimizing cost, escalating revenue and giving them the freedom to achieve their goals. Uniquesdata has been successful in winning over the trust of its customers by offering low cost and exhaustive regulatory scrutiny. We also seek to offer tailor made software solutions, mainly to meet the specific demands of specific customers.