File Conversion & Data Cleansing Services for 133k PDF Files in less than 65 Days boosting companies excellence

File Conversion & Data Cleansing Services for 133K PDF Files in less than 65 Days boosting companies excellence

    Client Introduction

    The client is a leading data management firm based in Korea, providing records management solutions to various industries across the globe.

    Requirements & Specifications

    The client was looking for a reliable OCR services provider who could help them with the conversion of old, blurry and unclear newspaper clippings into properly readable and searchable PDFs. Since there was a huge file volume that had to be converted, the client was looking for an efficient yet cost-effective data outsourcing partner.

    Solutions, teams & project beginning

    For the project, we formed a team of 50 data conversion experts along with 15 quality control analysts, a team leader and a project coordinator. As there was a huge volume of news clippings required to be transformed into readable and searchable PDFs, we made sure that the team was equipped with fast, experienced and skilled data conversion experts, capable of managing immense work volumes.


    • Through a secured FTP transfer, we receive the scanned newspaper clippings from the client in PDF format.
    • Each copy is then moved into an OCR Software.
    • Using the software, the experts check, edit & correct each file for grammatical errors, text placements, paragraph positioning and any other imperfections.
    • The prepared file is handed over to the quality control analysts for quality checks. Once approved the final copy is turned into a PDF file.
    • Once the conversion is completed for all the files, the final PDF files are sent to the client through a secured FTP server.

    Challenges faced

    Since the newspapers clippings were old, a lot of them were blurry and unclear. Carefully correcting and editing all of them was a bit of a challenge for the team.

    Work volume, quality, accuracy and turnaround

    As fast as expected, our experts delivered 1,33,845 PDF files to the client within two months. With proper quality checks, we were able to maintain a 99% accuracy level.


    Regardless of the work volume, not a single delivery timeline was missed from our end. The client was satisfied by the work quality and the proper communication from us throughout the project.

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