Scanned Image Data Entry Services

Helping Universities to Digitize Criminal Records by Scanned Image Data Entry Services

    Client Introduction

    Our client is the professor of the Economics Department of a prestigious university based in Sweden. Having command over the topics like Political Economics, Public Finance, Law and Economics, the client has been an assistant professor and a visiting scholar at top-ranking universities across the globe.

    Requirements & Specifications

    The client needed the proper digitisation of age-old criminal record images from 1915 to 1940. About 200.000 documents (images) were supposed to convert into excel format, each with multiple data entry requirements. The client was looking for a data outsourcing partner who could work carefully and skilfully on faded old images.

    Solutions,Teams & the Project Beginning

    • 7 image data entry experts were assigned to the project along with 4 quality control leads, a team leader and a project coordinator. The team owned excellent image data entry skills and is capable of handling large volumes.
    • The team began carefully inputting the data into excel format exactly as the client preferred.
    • However, manual data input in a complex excel sheet slowed down the daily data entry and subsequently quality check procedures.
    • To remove this block and to provide quick output to the client, we suggested using specially designed and developed software for a perfect data entry process.
    • Happily agreeing to this, the client recommended a few changes which we incorporated into the software. The software made the entire process easier, quicker and more accurate than we anticipated.


    • Through a secured FTP transfer, we receive the image files from a client in JPEG format. The files are uploaded into the software.
    • Using the software, Experts input the data from the image in rows and columns as specified.
    • The data entry occurs twice by two experts and then sent to the quality analysts to ensure complete accuracy.
    • The final output gets converted to excel format (exactly as the client needs) and handed over to the client.

    Challenges faced & solved

    • The documents were in the Swedish language. Our experts carefully understood the instructions given by the client to provide a flawless output.
    • The documents (images) were really old. Some of them were faded, torn and unclear. The experts followed the client s template and input the data in a spreadsheet.

    Work volume, quality, accuracy and turnaround

    Aiming for a satisfactory and helpful outcome, we provided image data entry services for 2,05,917 images as expected by the client. With proper quality checks, we maintained a 98-99% accuracy level.


    The client was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome delivered by us. The digitised data is now easily available and will be used in a project that evaluates reforms within the police and judicial authorities.
    Seeing the exceptional involvement of the team with accuracy and quick delivery, the client has not just continued the project with us but also has decided to outsource various other projects in future.

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