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A leading company information provider of London experiences improved data quality and & better operations with our Accounting and Financial data entry services
Client Introduction :-
Based in London, our client is a leading provider of listed company information covering activist investing, proxy voting, and corporate governance. The client provides its diverse range of clients with the most comprehensive information on activist investing and corporate governance worldwide.
Client requirement & specifications :-
The client required Accounting and Financial data entry services to update and enrich the portal with complete financial details of different companies. Six quarterly reports of 11 years of each company (1700 companies of Canada and 1800 companies of the UK) were to be uploaded on the portal. The client was specifically looking for a data outsourcing partner that can offer skilled and more importantly, experienced financial data entry experts.
Solutions, teams & the project beginning :-
4 financial data entry experts were assigned to the project along with 4 quality control leads, a team leader and a project coordinator. We made sure the team is equipped with competent and adept accounting data specialists while also capable of managing immense as well as complex work volumes. Following the client instructions, the team began carefully inputting the financial data into the client’s portal.
Process :-
• We receive a list of company names from the client.
• Based on that, our experts search for the available financial reports on the official websites.
• We began gathering the data from the official websites. But, sometimes the company’s website doesn’t have the data of 11 years. At that time, we search for the third-party information provider (given by the client) for a complete set of details. Thus we research and gather all the available data.
• We log into the client portal and began inputting the data carefully
• If we have any queries, we send a screenshot to the client for further guidance. As soon as we receive the client response, we input the data exactly as the client required.
• Once the data entries get concluded, the data quality analysts check each report to ensure perfect quality and absolute accuracy.
• After quality checks, the final output is handed over to the client via email.
• Throughout the project, we keep constantly in touch with the client and provide the weekly status of the project.
Points worth citing :-
While we update the portal with the required company history, we keep checking the third party portal if it is updated with the latest financial year data. If we find the data of the recent or ongoing year then we accordingly update the details on the portal.
Challenges faced & solved :-
Sometimes we didn’t find the complete data in the financial report so we calculate the provided values and deliver a complete and accurate financial report.
For eg- if there is net income and revenue mentioned in the report but there are no total expenses given then we manually calculate and provide the total expenses number.
Work volume, quality, accuracy and turnaround :-
Our experts have submitted 28,800 reports of UK companies and 91,800 reports of Canadian companies. With proper quality checks, our accounting experts have maintained a 100% accuracy level.
Conclusion :-
Quite impressed with the high accuracy, on-time deliverables, and team’s dedication, the client is handing over the data entry of 2021-2022 and 2023 financial year reports to us.

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